Exercises for well-defined arms to integrate into your reinforcement program


Do you want muscular, defined and toned arms? So you are at the good place. We reveal the exercises that will allow your triceps and biceps to be quickly at their best.

Why does the skin hang down on the arms?

With age, not only does the body reduce in muscle mass, but the connective tissue also weakens. The muscle cells giving the skin greater firmness are also reduced. Those who genetically suffer from weak connective tissue will have to deal with “soft” arms much sooner.

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This phenomenon occurs, among other things, when the ratio between muscle mass and skin is unbalanced, ie there are too few muscles for the surface of the skin. After extreme weight loss, if a lot of fatty tissue has been lost quickly, the skin begins to sag and lose firmness.

In addition, the predisposition to weak connective tissue as well as an unbalanced diet, high body fat percentage and lack of muscle strength are among other possible causes.

What to bring more firmness to your arms?

Good news: bodybuilding can remedy this effectively! Indeed, strengthening your arms is a solution. Thus, the skin of the upper arms is sheathed and tightened in a natural way. The greater the volume of the muscles, the lower the percentage of body fat, which makes the arms visibly firm and toned.

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So, to achieve your goal, work your upper body regularly, especially your biceps. What matters is sticking with it for the long haul. It is only through continuity and progression that you will see your performance increase and that you will obtain lasting results!

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What muscles do you need to work to have strong arms?

To prevent or get rid of the skin that hangs under the arms, you must perform exercises aimed at working them. First, focus on these muscles:

More difficult variant: place your feet on a raised surface.

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Tricep extensions

Hold a barbell with both hands and extend your arms overhead. The upper part of your arms hug your ears while your elbows point forward. The upper body remains straight and the abdomen firmly stretched. Stabilize your shoulder blades first, then apply tension to your triceps.. Return to the starting position.

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