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Iron deficiency anemia is very present, particularly in North America; where it is estimated that no less than 20% of the female population is affected. Finally, be aware that the detection of iron deficiency anemia systematically alerts a doctor to the existence of gastrointestinal cancer. Sickle cell anemia gets its name from the fact that the affected red blood cells are sickle-shaped . It is also very common and millions of people suffer from it around the world.

Aplastic anemia is rare. It only appears when the marrow is no longer able to produce blood cells. Aplastic anemia is extremely serious. And the annual prevalence rate is 2 to 12 cases per million people. Cases occur in both adults and children.

As for inflammatory anemia , it is a mild form of anemia . It can occur in people who have had particular infections for one or two months. The diseases most likely to be accompanied by inflammatory anemia are:

Finally, pernicious anemia is mostly seen in the elderly . The cause may be either a dietary vitamin B12 deficiency  or poor resorption of vitamin B12 by the intestines. Apart from the elderly, pernicious anemia also affects quite a few alcoholics .

How is anemia diagnosed?

A clinical examination is necessary to diagnose anemia. In addition to the clinical examination, blood tests are also performed. Of these, the most important is the complete blood count .

The complete blood count shows the level of hemoglobin in the patient’s blood . And anemia is confirmed if and only if this level is lower than the values ​​indicated above. By means of the hemogram, the doctor also collects information on the cause of the anemia by determining whether the latter is due to a deficiency or not. Depending on the result of the analysis of the blood count, we distinguish:

We speak of normochromic and normocytic anemia in the case of a drop in the number of red blood cells having a normal color and size. In the case of hypochromic anemias , the red blood cells are light in color. While concerning microcytic anemias , the blood cells are small in size.

The red blood cells, on the other hand, are larger than normal when the analyzes reveal macrocytic or megaloblastic anemia . Finally, hemolytic anemias are observed in the event of destruction of red blood cells. Normochromic and normocytic anemias on the one hand and hypochromic anemias on the other hand, are the most common. Note that still depending on the results, the doctor may request additional examinations , such as:

What are the treatments for anemia?

finally, a serious anemia requires that the subject be treated by injections of synthetic erythropoietin, a blood transfusion

You should also know that, in the specific case of iron deficiency anemia in newborns , treatment must be done through breast milk . Because the baby’s body absorbs more iron from its mother’s milk than from cow’s milk, for example. The mother will then need to take prednisone over the counter or iron supplements. When the anemia is the result of either gastrointestinal bleeding or menstrual bleeding , it is not serious. And treatment with iron supplements is also effective. When the anemia is due to a vitamin B12 deficiency , the patient will then have to watch over his diet from now on . He will have to consume more:

 The latter is a natural hormone that is involved in the production by the bone marrow of red blood cells.

What are the potential complications ?

In the event of severe anemia , the risk is that the organs and tissues are totally deprived of blood and oxygen . And in this case, the cells die quickly: this is called ischemia .

In the very serious case of sickle cell anemia , the red blood cells lose their rounded shape. And, as already specified, they come in the form of a sickle. Because of the very abnormality of this form, the cells find themselves blocked at the level of the small blood vessels. And so they prevent the blood from flowing properly.

People with sickle cell anemia can then suffer from severe ischemia either in the lower limbs, which can sometimes require amputation  or in other organs of the body with the notable consequence of severe pain.

People with sickle cell anemia are also at risk of having a stroke . Indeed, the sickle cells can easily assemble, thus forming a clot. And this clot will then obstruct the flow of blood into the vessels of the brain.

What are the special precautions to take in case of anemia?

Here are some special care for people with anemia. More precisely, these precautions are vital in case of aplastic anemia; hemolytic anemia; as well as sickle cell anemia  :

not clot normally. For example, using an electric razor instead of a blade, for shaving, using a toothbrush with soft bristles or even not practicing contact sports (martial arts, rugby, boxing, wrestling, etc.).

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