How long does dental etching last?


Want to know how long dental etching lasts? Here we tell you about this procedure, its course, financial considerations and alternatives.

What is dental etching?

During the etching process, your dentist uses a resin composite of the same color as your tooth on the tooth surfaces. This treatment changes the appearance and function of broken, damaged, decayed or discolored teeth.

This material also helps to fill the voids left by a cavity. The appearance of your teeth before and after dental etching can dramatically change your smile.

How long does dental etching last?

The effects of dental etching generally last 4 to 8 years, and sometimes longer, depending on the following factors:

Your food choices

The way you take care of your teeth

Areas where etching was performed

If you attend your regular dental appointments

The longevity of dental etching mainly depends on how you take care of your teeth. Avoid eating acidic or sugary foods as they can wear down your teeth. If you like fruit, brush and floss your teeth soon after so plaque or bacteria don’t have a chance to grow.

Also avoid chewing ice cream, hard candy, grinding your teeth or biting too hard, it could damage the material.

And of course, maintaining excellent oral hygiene is paramount. The healthier the tooth, the longer the restoration will last.

What are the benefits of dental etching?

If you choose dental etching to change the appearance of your smile, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Fast processing : we can usually complete the procedure in one visit

Cost- effective treatment : Dental etching is generally considered a cost-effective alternative to cosmetic dental procedures such as crowns, bridges and veneers.

Long-Lasting Effects : If you take care of your smile properly, dental etching can last 4-8 years or more.

How much does dental etching cost?

Patients who come to us for dental etching procedures are often concerned about the cost. The cost of treatment will depend on a few factors, including:

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