Examining the possible benefits of medical marijuana for treating HIV/AIDS


Marijuana (cannabis) has been used to treat many of the complications associated with HIV. Even now also, medical marijuana is still widely used to treat the pain, nausea, weight loss, and depression that can accompany this infection. There has even been speculation that marijuana may provide long-term benefits by successfully reducing – or perhaps preventing – illness progression. So, what exactly are the facts? Are there any studies to back up these claims, or is marijuana’s usage in HIV treatment all hype and no benefit?

If you have HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, you may be wondering if medical cannabis, Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is the primary HIV treatment. Some people use marijuana to alleviate HIV-related symptoms such as weight loss, eating issues, and nerve pain rather than to treat the virus itself. Let’s read more about it and see where Vijay extract India can help you.

How exactly does Medical Cannabis Help, HIV-infected individuals

Medical cannabis has been used as a treatment for HIV and AIDS for decades. Many people with AIDS have reported that it helps with a variety of symptoms, and some research does support this anecdotal evidence. Some of the most effective uses of cannabis as a treatment as an HIV and AIDs treatment include:

Eases nerve pain: Many people with AIDS experience a painful burning feeling on the skin, called neuropathic pain. It’s been reported that cannabis can help relieve this pain, although further studies are needed. Peripheral neuropathy, often known as nerve pain, occurs when part of your nerves are damaged. In your hands and feet, you may experience stabbing, burning, or tingling sensations. It can be triggered by HIV and antiretroviral medicines. HIV also affects your immune system, making it easier to contract other infections that might cause peripheral neuropathy. There hasn’t been much research on this, but the few studies that have been conducted suggest that medical Vijay extract India may be beneficial to ease down the symptoms of nerve pain. In one study, researchers surveyed 565 persons living with HIV. The majority of people who stated they used marijuana said it helped their nerve discomfort.

Helps to stimulate appetite: AIDS frequently results in a loss of appetite. This can result in AIDS wasting syndrome, which causes an uncontrollable loss of body weight. Cannabis can boost appetite and aid in the prevention of AIDS-related wasting syndrome. Wasting is a typical HIV symptom. It’s when you lose a lot of weight because you’re not feeling well and aren’t hungry as much, so you don’t consume enough food. One short study found that marijuana stimulated participants’ appetites. Even The FDA has cleared the use of dronabinol (Marinol), a prescription THC-containing medication, to boost appetite in HIV patients.

Nausea relief: Cannabis can help control nausea and vomiting. This can help prevent severe weight loss.

Improving mood: Illness-related depression is widespread, and cannabis has been shown to improve mood.

So, what should you do?

For decades, medical cannabis has been used to treat HIV and AIDS. Its usage as a treatment is growing as medical cannabis becomes more widely available. There are currently no medical studies that show that consuming medical marijuana can treat an HIV infection. However, several studies have shown that medical marijuana reduced some people’s discomfort and stimulated their appetite again. Medical cannabis has the potential to be one of the most successful alternative treatment techniques for those living with HIV and/or AIDS.

So we are saying,

People living with HIV and AIDS in many states can use medical cannabis and choose the strains and strengths that best treat their symptoms. More research is needed to fully understand the advantages and potential negative effects. If you wish to increase our understanding of medicinal cannabis and how it can help people with HIV or AIDS, you can take an online appointment with Hempstrol which will help you narrow down what type of THC oil and the strength you should take to manage the symptoms of HIV-AIDS and even help you buy thc oil online.

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