Important questions to ask your Internist


I stepped into the office of my Fort Worth internist, the air thick with anxiety. I could feel my heart palpitate, my mind racing with questions. There’s something about visiting doctors that can turn even the bravest of us into a bundle of nerves. It’s crucial, however, to rise above these nerves. We need to ask the right questions – crucial queries that can bridge the gap between fear and understanding. Let me share a few important questions you might consider posing to your internist on your next visit.

ask your Internist

What Tests Do I Need?

The first question you should ask your internist revolves around medical tests. Often, we hesitate to ask this because we fear the answer. Yet, knowledge is power. Knowing what tests you need and why can help ease your anxiety. It also aids in understanding your health status better.

Are There Alternatives to This Treatment?

Doctors often prescribe the most common or effective treatments. However, each person is unique. What works perfectly for one might not work for the other. So, always ask your internist about alternative treatments. These could be different medications or lifestyle changes that could suit your needs better.

What Are the Side Effects?

Medications, while curing one issue, can often lead to side effects. It might be minor like a rash, or significant like affecting your mental health. Knowing the possible side effects of prescribed medications can prepare you for any adverse reactions and help you manage them better.

How Can I Improve My Lifestyle?

Often, our lifestyle habits are the root of many health issues. Asking your internist about lifestyle modifications such as diet changes, exercises, or stress management techniques can be a stepping stone towards a healthier you.

What Should I Do Before the Next Visit?

Before you leave your internist’s office, always ask what you should do before your next visit. This could involve monitoring symptoms, taking medications regularly, or following a specific diet. It helps to stay proactive about your health and prepares you for the next visit.

Remember, your visit to the internist is your time. It’s the perfect opportunity to clear doubts, understand your health better, and ensure that you are on the right path. Don’t let fear or hesitation keep you from asking these vital questions. Your health is your wealth, and it starts with finding the right answers, right there in your internist’s office.

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